Blogging about food

It began in 2007 when a friend went on a diet to lose weight. To help motivate him he began a blog to record every meal he ate. I was sufficiently intrigued when he finished to ask if I could continue it, and did so for 3 weeks. I made some interesting discoveries, including the fact that I ate fish or seafood about 8 times a week for lunch or dinner, and usually ate a small second breakfast in the mid-morning.

I enjoyed it sufficiently to start a food blog of my own. Since “food blog” was taken, I called it “” and recruited a few friends to post on it with me. We posted about restaurant meals and about food we cooked ourselves at home. One of our number was a wine connoisseur, who posted about wines. It built up a large following, and as our bloggers dropped out, we replaced them with new ones.

We photographed our food and tried to post a photo with every entry, where possible putting up an entry every day. It only took a few minutes of effort to put up a new post, and we were quite conscientious about regularly giving our readers something new to read. When any of us took trips abroad, we all enjoyed reading about the foreign food they tried. Astonishingly it went on for years. Originally we allowed comments and enjoyed some amusing exchanges, but finally the effort of dealing with monotonous and mindless spam led us to close off comments.

Eventually I was the only one left posting, and thought it had played its course. I never took it down, however, and still access it to look up recipes I tried or to repeat some of the dishes I made. For several years it was a part of my life.