Aylesbury duck  

I helped my friend Harry win a libel suit against the Daily Mirror. Indeed, the story was so blatantly false that they gave him £20,000 rather than take it to court. I declined his offer of a cut because he needed the money to pay for repairs to his mother's roof, but I accepted a dinner at the Café Royal instead. This was a rather splendid building near Piccadilly, famed for its baroque, mirrored dining room, and frequented by many celebrities including Winston Churchill and Noel Coward.

When the menu came, I ordered a starter of Sevruga caviar, a very expensive dish. Harry, realizing this was going to be a great evening, decided to go to town himself by ordering the Aylesbury duck.

"I'm sorry, Sir," he was told, "that dish is only served for two."

"Oh, then I'll have it for two," replied Harry, and did so, eating the whole thing himself. It was a legendary meal, but including wine, it used up less than 2.5% of his award.

The legendary Café closed in 2008, but reopened later, completely refitted as the Café Royal Hotel. I doubt the hotel dining room captures anything like the splendour of the original.