I was 21 when I developed a fascination for mosaics. I read several books about them, including how-to-do-it books that taught how to cut the small tiles that make up the pattern or the picture, and how to lay them and grout them. I used plywood as the background medium to stick them on. I rapidly opted for vinyl tiles rather than ceramic ones because they were easier to work with, they came in brighter colours, and they were a fraction of the cost. I taught myself by copying from books, learning how to follow the flowing curves of what was to be depicted. I liked to picture waves because they needed a flow of various shades of blue, green and white. And I made a copy of the head of Justinian from the Ravenna Mosaics. 

Sometimes I would put a picture frame around a finished one, and screw a picture-hook on the back, so that it could be displayed on a wall. Sometimes I bought screw-on legs so that one could be made into a coffee table. I adapted a design showing three fish vertically above each other, all brightly coloured, and produced several different versions of it to present to friends. It was an enjoyable, if somewhat messy, hobby that engaged me for a few years. I never continued it beyond my 30s, though I maintain an interest that even today has me admiring mosaics and respecting those who made them.