Indoor sky-diving in Milton Keynes

I've done parasailing, but the idea of jumping out of a plane has never really been my thing. The risk of injury is higher than I'd like. I decided instead to discover some of what it feels like by doing it indoors in a wind tunnel. I found a sports centre at Milton Keynes that offers it, so went there one Saturday morning.

We suited up and were briefed about what to do, arms outstretched, legs bent, head back, look forward. We watched groups of others take their turn, one at a time. I noticed I was two or three times as old as the next oldest person there. Our group's turn came, and we were taken in and seated alongside the door. When my turn came I walked into the wind tunnel and launched myself forward into the air as I'd been told. I remembered to look forward as I used my arms to steer myself. It's a strange sensation, like flying in a high wind, which is what it was. I followed instructions so explicitly that when I came out they asked me if I'd done it before.

We waited for the photographs to appear on screen outside. Fortunately I was smiling when mine was taken, so I bought a high quality copy to entertain friends with.