An airship ride over London

It was an airship, albeit a small one, and it offered rides over London from a field in Hertfordshire, easily accessible by train and taxi. I booked a ride, curious to know what it would be like. It was an Airship Industries Skyship 500, with a huge FUJI logo on the side. It was a non-rigid airship with an inflated bag of helium and had a gondola underneath that could take a crew of 2 and 8 passengers. It was powered and steered by two ducted fans.

We boarded it via small steps and strapped in.  The fans whirred and the ground crew detached the restraining ropes that held us down. It ascended slowly at first, rocking just a little until it built up speed, then it cruised over green fields, woods and countryside until it reached London. It flew us directly over Westminster, the Abbey and Parliament, then followed the Thames to Wapping and beyond. I took some excellent photos since we had clear visibility.

There was an epilogue several months later when I had a visit from the police, reporting that a car with my number plate had knocked over a parked motorcycle in Cornwall. I've never driven to Cornwall, but could I establish my innocence? I checked the date, and by coincidence it was the date of my airship flight, with my presence on it a matter of record. I had an alibi, since I'd been in another place. Clearly someone had taken down a wrong number.