Caviar suppers with the President of Mensa

Several times when I have flown back from the US on a daytime American Airlines flight, I have bought a tin of caviar duty free from the inflight shop. I chose Oscietra, usually in a 50gm tin. It was very much less costly than its equivalent bought in the UK. The caviar supper became a Mensa ritual, with the President of Mensa, Victor Serebriakoff and his wife, Win, acting as hosts at their home in Blackheath. They provided drinks and blinis, with fruit afterwards. Crucially, I took the caviar and a couple of young Mensa friends. The enjoyment was that Victor and his wife were intelligent and enjoyable conversationalists, whose company was dazzling to their young guests. And caviar was something the youngsters had read about but never tried. 

We did this from time to time over the course of several years, and built up a store of happy memories all round. Caviar remains one of my favourite foods. It is too pricey to eat regularly in restaurants, so I’ve sometimes had lumpfish caviar from Denmark or Iceland instead. It's not nearly as good, but recently a caviar copy called Onuga went on sale, one that comes very close indeed to the real thing, but at a tiny fraction of the price.