Cigars with my name on them

I actually smoked cigars when I was a teenager.  I took up cigarettes when I was 21, largely to calm me down when debating.  When I gave them up, I resumed cigars.  A key difference is that you don't inhale cigar smoke.  You take it into the mouth and blow it out, so it's not nearly as damaging to health.

A young friend from Trinity College, Cambridge, had tired of stocks and bonds after 2 years as a trader.  He wanted to set up a cigar business, so I became his sole investor when he set up a luxury brand, Regius Cigars, in Nicaragua.  By way of gratitude he made one to my specifications, a panatela of medium to mild taste with strong flavours of vanilla, plus a little coffee and chocolate.  Eight samples were made for me to try, with ten of each, making me very popular that summer as I invited friends to comment on the different versions.  I selected number three to be the one.  It is basically a beginner's or lady's cigar because of its size and comparative mildness.

He called it a Lord Madsen, and the brand is sold worldwide, including in top rank hotel restaurants.  It has won awards.  I am not a peer of the realm, but I am a laird, Lord Madsen of Lochaber and Glencoe, on account of my vast estates of 10 square metres of the former and one square metre of the latter.  It's a joke, but the cigar's name stuck.