Catching daytime flights back from the US

I travelled between the US and the UK many times, especially when I was invited on speaking tours of the US, and later when I had a house built on Ramrod Key in Florida. The curse of transatlantic flights was the overnight journey back to the UK.  Sometimes I was lucky and had a row to myself in economy to stretch out along.  Quite often, however, I had to sit up all night in a not very comfortable seat, lucky to nod off for maybe an hour.  The next couple of days were not pleasant

Then I discovered the daytime flights.  From New York initially, but later from a couple of other airports, there was one daytime flight that took off in the morning and landed in the evening in London.  Typically it might take off about 8.00 am and land at perhaps 7.30 pm, with 5 of those hours on the clock.  I made it my routine to check into a cheap New York airport hotel the previous night, in order to catch the flight home next morning.  I’d arrive back, have drinks with friends, staying up as late as I could, and wake up totally refreshed after a good night’s sleep with no jet lag at all.

I did this for a quarter of a century, and still do it as often as I can.  What has changed the equation since, however, is the provision of full flat beds in business class, plus my ability to afford them.